Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'd like to look at the world like this dog

Going to the Park from a Dog's Perspective

I think everything would feel just that much more exciting and really, isn't that what life can be? It's all about your perspective. Thanks, doggie. Maybe I'll post something real soon again, for now: have a great Wednesday everyone!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

12.5 Weeks to Marathon Day

Boston Marathon

This is the recently shoveled finish line at Boston after Juno ripped through there this week.

I'm half way through my training program (that I'm kind of just winging on my own) and it all of a sudden feels like Boston isn't as far away as it seemed after the Brussels Marathon. But I am excited...not something I was planning on feeling after the completion of the aforementioned Brussels where I was feeling anything but excitement at the prospect of doing that all over again on American soil. However, excitement it is! Excited for Boston! Strange.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Running in Cape Cod

Running in Cape Cod is a difficult experience at times. A lot of the roads are really twisty with no shoulders to speak of. I imagine that the roads were originally designed for horse and carriages and since the houses are mostly from that time too it can't be easy to widen them. Luckily there are stretches with an asphalt sidewalk to stick to and so I ran those sections over and again. I finally brought my phone on the last trip to show you my favorite highlights! First of all I bring to you: the Cape Cod Christmas house!

The photos from this run are exceptionally streaky...I forgot to clean off the lens before I set out.

Ooo ooo! Remember in the last post how I mentioned we ran into Harry Connick Jr. but Chris wouldn't let me take a stalkie of him? On my run that morning I could have sworn that this man (walking away in the distance) was Henry Winkler. Yeah, that's right, the Fonz himself. Turns out it is highly unlikely that it was him but I had just seen "Here Comes the Boom" (better than the reviews say) and thought it looked just like him! Henry, was that you?

Whale whale whale...what have we here?  
I wanted to stop at this book store SO bad...unfortunately it was exactly my turn around point and I had to run 5 miles more before I could indulge in a book.
The tiniest post office I've seen on the East coast. Also possibly ever.
A bird feeder that is a replica of the house whose lawn it's sitting on. Gah!
If we end up in the same area again I am taking this road! 
Lastly, Thor's brother's house. Perhaps he was banished to the Cape after his last kerfuffle with the King..

In a quick mostly unrelated story, I ran my long run this morning in very different conditions. It was -6 degrees when I woke up at 5:43 to get ready so I layered on top with an underarmour, two thin wicking layers over that and finally the reflective jacket Chris got me for Christmas, then I layered two pants on the bottom half. Then I added my ninja mask and my hat that I cut a hole for my pony tail in along with a pair of realllllly warm mittens. And after all that I noticed that two miles in my eyelashes were beginning to stick together each time I blinked. Turns out the steam from my breath and the water from my eyes mixed to instantly freeze my eyelashes and the ice kept growing on them. Fourteen miles later, here is the end result:

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cape Cod 2014 part II

Cape Cod part two! After that first foggy day, honestly, it was the best weather for a trip we could have hoped for. We even had a small thunderstorm mid-week but it gave me an excuse to be inside, out of the sun and the pressures of every two hours reapplying sunblock. I get pretty obsessive about my sunblock application.

Continuing on with the paddle board...naptime.
The photos above are of Brianne and I in 2014, the ones below are of Kaelyn and I in 2012!
When I saw her in the same suit I knew I needed a picture to compare. They're like twins two years apart!
We found crabs on the beach and then took a walk into town for a dinner out of the house! Next year we are taking a picture at this dinner to actually get one with everyone in it. It's already been discussed.
"Chris*, me too, me too!"  *pronounced "kiss" by this one.
Matchy matchy hair (Chris's was faked (but only a little) to match, Brianne woke up that way)
Each trip to the Cape, Chris and I take a day to go somewhere new on our own. Instead of Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket, we chose to drive around the mainland this past year and found ourselves in Chatham looking for something new on the Cape itself...and we found it. Or rather him...storytime! 

We were on the lookout for ice cream after lunch and when we finally found this cute ice cream parlor Emack and Bolio's we also found out they only took cash. We headed back out the door to the nearest ATM. While standing outside the shop trying to locate the closest one, I noticed another group of people all looking down at one phone but I only noticed them because of the voice I head coming from their tiny gathering. I recognized it. As we started walking my suspicions were confirmed. There he was, strolling towards us, hat shading his face but it was definitely Harry Connick Jr! I stopped mid-stride, kinda smiled dumbly and went to say hello when Chris pulled me along down the path. I wanted to stop and say hi, but once again Chris was firmly on the side of "leave the guy alone, I'd want everyone to leave me alone!"...but isn't that why people want to be famous singers and actors? I mean, he did both! Movies, TV (regular and now reality) AND music! Wouldn't he appreciate someone telling him how much they appreciate his work! I mean I actually own some of his music!!! Anyway. We got a twenty, walked back to the store, contemplating ice cream flavors and when we entered the store, there sat Harry: hat off, facing the entrance, laughing and talking loudly with the kids he's with. I tried to get Chris to take a picture of me and my ice cream with him in the background but he refused Later I looked up his Instagram account and realized he does the SAME THING to other celebrities and calls them "stalkies".....I COULD HAVE TAKEN A STALKIE OF HIM! Gah. Oh well. But now you all know...Harry lives in Chatham

So anyway, this is a picture of me and Chris outside of Emacks, eating our ice cream not in the shop so we wouldn't bother him...and also he had taken all the chairs with his huge group of kids. C'mon Harry, share the seats, it's hot out there and our ice cream will melt! And take a picture with me! 
This girl was like a little shadow that whole week, I know it won't last forever so I'll take it while I can get it!
"Go stand next to your brother, I'll take a picture of you guys with the sandcastle. No, Kaelyn, don't pick your nose. Okay, stand a little closer together. A little clos- where are you going? Oh, you want to be on that side? Okay great! Smile guys! Brady, look up. Don't make that zombie smile! Brady? Okay, good enough!"
The last night of Cape Cod ice cream that summer...I still love vanilla with rainbow sprinkles best.
Sunset cruises on the paddle board. Thank you Cape Cod, it was a fantastic trip.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Cape Cod 2014!

A week ago Chris's mom mentioned a place to book for this year's Cape Cod adventure and I realized that I'd better get going on these old posts. We are also about to embark on the first Hanlon family vacation in seven years less than two weeks from now so really, I have to get these out!
Cape Cod this year started with fog and rain and we were worried it would continue this way but as you'll soon see the Sun came to join us pretty quickly and stayed the week.
These three are super energetic. Tickling and hide & seek and using the grown-ups as a living jungle gym are their favorite activities. 
We were happy to let them climb away. And when Brianne refused to wear her sunhat, Grandma modeled how to put it on. The hat went on after that. That little girl will copy everything. Including walking, she did a lot of first steps over and over on that trip!
Lunchtime in the beach house...scary Spiderman selfies and falling asleep at the high chair.
Screaming wash-downs with Papa chasing the sandy ones. 

Our days were filled with blue skies & when the paddle board came into the picture, everyone got on board! Tomorrow, more to come. Yes, really tomorrow!

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