Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day Giftings

My mom and I on the way to my last year of college

Hard to believe almost fours years have passed since then but she's still got my back and I want to celebrate that every day but on Mother's Day especially. All she ever wants is "for all of us to be together" and while I am planning on that, I think it can nice to have a little something to open are some of my favorites:

This mug is hilarious. 
A definite crowd-pleaser and best if given by all the kids at once!
friendship bracelet is always a cute idea, especially with free shipping...

I love a good scrapbook. But I've never made one myself... 
If you've got the dough, I suggest going with these guys and "making" one 
for your mom, yourself, your friends, really: everyone. 
(and right now they're having a sale!)

Maybe a gift could be a trip to your hometown's public market together. 
There are treasures sure to be found at one booth or another. 
Maybe a trip to an antique store or a day filled with them is the key as well!

And are always a good go-to gift for parents. 
Why not try something new like a custom phone cover like these?

And really, if nothing else:

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