Thursday, May 10, 2012

Get away to a small space

Ever since I was little I dreamed of living in a tiny space. Polly Pocket's spaces were the envy of my giant-size 8-year-old life. Harry Potter's cupboard lifestyle could really suit me. I drooled over the elaborately detailed sheds in Chase-Pitkin before Lowe's took over and made them look plain and sterile.

It may stem from my constant state of being cold, but the thought of a cozy space to inhabit emotes thoughts of warmth, books and homemade oatmeal cookies (cookies? I don't know, they make me happy too I guess).

So when I stumbled onto the idea of the tiny house I fell in love. I know Chris definitely wouldn't go for it, ever, but if I could, I would hitch one of these to my dream car and take off for a month or two. Just like this chick, but with Chris, so he (read: I) wouldn't get lonely.
Last year on a family vacation, Chris and I decided to take the ferry and explore Martha's Vineyard for a day. While attempting to bike around the whole island we found ourselves lost and in the middle of a tiny-house village! It. Was. Awesome.

Every once in awhile I check in with the tiny house blog to see what new ideas people have come up with to live small. Maybe I'll never have my dream nook, but I can attempt to live simply with these inspirations.

Would you ever want to downsize this much?

1, 23, 4, the rest are my own photos

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