Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"You'd have made a great town crier"

I thought nosy neighbors like Gladys only existed in Bewitched
...until Chris shared this story with me today: 

Scene: Chris is walking from the car to our apartment entrance and from the house next to ours comes the neighbor...
Nosy Neighbor: Hey, I gotta ask you a question!
Chris: Yeah?
NN: What do you do for work?
C: ...huh?
NN: I see you walking to your car every morning with a briefcase and gym shorts...
C: Ohhhh, I'm a student, I work out in the mornings at school...

And so on. The scene ended about a half hour later in which "Gladys" (who is a man in our case) went on to reminisce about all the daily goings on of our apartment building's tenants.

We just got home from daily laundry night at the Maloney's and as we beep the horn to lock the doors I see him peek out his library window (someone else can notice things too!) and I know he's viewed the last event of the day. From now on I'll always imagine the "ABNER!!" coming from the house next door every time something happens to occur between their windows and mine.


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