Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cheep,cheep, cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more

Last week I helped find a new lessee for our apartment. Feeling pretty reluctant to let go of this four-room piece of heaven in Rochester, I strapped on my happy face and gave the tour....to over 9 different sets of people. This place is prime, people.

Anyway, one woman in particular was checking it out for her son to rent. When she heard the reason for our leaving she plowed her way through 20 minutes of opportunities I should take, places I need, NEED to go to and foods that were one-of-a-kind and must-eats while we're there.

I immediately forgot most of her speech as I was thinking in the back of my mind about how soon I needed to leave to catch Chris Hemsworth in Snow White and simultaneously watching the sister and girlfriend give each other "the look" as the mother carried on and on.


I did remember that she said to utilize our American citizenship while we're there. Go to a USO and see what travel deals they can help us with. She said they went away to Italy for a week, all expenses included for $125/person. Sign me up. I thought being an American could only hurt us while being in Europe, so this was great news!

And also, the tulips. I am already excited about Holland's tulips. But her recollection of fields after fields of them in springtime really boosts my spirits.

AND German Christmas Markets! She said that each town in Germany has one almost every weekend leading up to the big day! I know we'll be home for Christmas (YAY) but the anticipation is always my favorite part of the season anyway so bring on the festivals! (That was a lot of exclamation points...can you tell I love Christmastime. And also that word, Christmastime, it's so beautiful)

Okay, that was a longer post than usual. But if I didn't write those down somewhere, I'd forget all about them. Europe, we're getting ready for you!

(my own photo, 2, 3)

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