Friday, September 28, 2012


I won't have time for a real post today. So while I'm feeling a bit homesick for the Apple Farm and red leaves and cross country and pumpkins and hot cider with cinnamon sugar's a little taste of falls gone by:

Wishing everyone in New York a beautiful Autumn weekend and see you back here on Monday with some more of last summer. I think we're finally leaving June behind. Until then! 

(most of these pictures are courtesy of Erin Hanlon. btw, thanks :))

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rave in the Oude Markt on a Wednesday

No really, there was. It was a welcome concert for the 35,000+ students that arrived on Monday. These students are attending the oldest Catholic University in the world. Soooo I did not expect that they'd be greeted with Skrillex and strobe lights but hey, I enjoyed it.

I really have to get a new small camera, this iPod kinda stinks when it comes to megapixels (.3 whaaaaat) but here's what I got from last night:

As you can see (maybe) the square is surrounded by super historic buildings. Most of these have bars on their street level but they also, floors 2 and up, contain apartments. Could you imagine what it would be like to live up there during all these festivals?

Must go rest. Got worse as sickness goes. And tomorrow I will not be able to write because we're going to be busy all day. Maybe you'll get lucky, I'll get bored trying to rest and I'll post another something tonight! Okay, bye for now, love you Mom :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Ryans got married!

I know quite a few guys named Ryan. Two of them got married this past spring/summer! Not to each other, though. I know it's legal in NY but these two just aren't interested in each other like that. So drop it.

The first celebration we attended was for my old friend Ryan James and his lovely bride Chelsea! They met while Ryan was volunteering in South Africa. She is such a wonderful person, we're glad that she let him sweep her off her feet and across the ocean to New York. We used to live just a few blocks from them in Rochester but maybe we will again when we're home. I can't even tell you how excited I am to apartment hunt already back in Rochester! Okay, onto the wedding:

While their official ceremony and subsequent reception happened in South Africa, they made arrangements to party with those of us who weren't able to be there for the original day, and held a celebration in New York as well! They're reception in the states was super fun and held at Bristol Hills at the south end of Canandaigua Lake. Such a beautiful place for it and such a gorgeous day!

My sister Erin, the true photographer, took this set of pictures before we left the house. Also important to note: my entire outfit was put together by Erin as well. As in, I'm wearing all her clothes and accessories. Because even at 26 a girl can still need her sister to help her get ready for a night out. Especially if said sister is more up on fashion than the other (and always will be, thank God!). Wishing she was here in Belgium to help me out. I feel like I'm in middle school again wishing my entire wardrobe was made from Limited too. Guess I'll just have to go shopping to keep up...oh no? Bad idea? Ugh c'monnnnnn Chris! 

Moving along, here's a little photoshoot we had while waiting for the rest of our friends to get to the party:

This was supposed to be a landscape photo...but this works too haha

I didn't get any pictures of the event once the dancing started but I did snap a few with Chris, my parents and the Daltons; Leigha and Jeremy.

The inside of the hall where we sat is decorated like Paul Bunyan's cabin, in an extremely cool way. I'd live there.

Here is the next lovely couple! I actually get to be related to these guys. How lucky are they- am I, I meant am I. They are super fun and I feel really blessed to have married into such a great family with all these wonderful people. Almost forgot to introduce these two: meet Ryan and Anna Maloney, newlyweds extraordinaire! I didn't even bring my camera to this event because that's how much I planned on dancing  BUT I did snap two with my trusty 5 year old camera-phone...

If you've been reading all along you've already seen this second shot but it's worth a repost. My Mom looking lovely (as per usual) but with straight hair!? Definitely gave a double take when I saw her. I think it looks pretty snazzy. The top picture of Chris and I is unfortunately the only one I've got of that whole day. And it is a shame. That dress was too perfect. I guess I was really into blue for weddings this summer. But more on that another day.

See you back here tomorrow :)

(picture of Ryan and Chelsea from facebook, picture of Ryan and Anna by JPPhotography)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art supplies!

It took awhile to convey what I was looking for when I stopped in the commercial painting store first. Eventually, after four attempts in three stores, I got there!

Just a little update on the present; tomorrow's post: back to the past.

To Brussels

On Saturday we traveled the very short train trip to Brussels to experience the largest city in our country. Honestly the city seems a little confused with all of the signs in French and Dutch. As neither of us can read either language it took a minute for us to figure this out. Most Belgians can speak at least those two languages and (thank God) English as well. Moving on. What we really went for wasn't the language complications, it was the sights and the tastes. Here's a little of both:

I was one of those crazies who woke up at 4am to watch Kate Middleton become a royal. And it was worth it! The dress, the ceremony, the cute little getaway car...! Naturally one of the first destinations in Brussels for us was the Royal Palace. Unfortunately it just closed to the public for the year on September 9th. Ugh, timing. Good news is it opens up again at the end of July and I will be there when it does (as long as that doesn't conflict with Tomorrowland, if so, royalty can wait a few days (important: if you click on that link a. skip the first minute and b. don't judge haha)). Moving right along...

When we had entered the Coudenberg Museum it was sunny and beautiful out. Upon our departure, it was raining. We didn't bring umbrellas with us, next time that is a must. It promptly became sunny again so it was only a little lesson to be learned this time around. We walked over to the Place du Grand Sablon next. It is an area filled with shops and on weekends (and maybe every other day?) there is an antique market in front of this gorgeous little (by European standards thus far) church. I would love to travel here for a day with this antique market as my sole purpose.

If you've ever heard of Banksy (a British street artist) you may have heard of Space Invader. Chris sniped this little guy while we exited a chocolate shop. 

The only chocolate shops we went into were the ones with free samples. And those were available more than you'd think! This one (Godiva) did not offer any freebies when we went in but they were in the middle of dipping dried fruit in chocolate and we watched until we decided more free samples were in order. So off to Pierre Macolini we went!

If you remember on Friday I said we were going to visit the little peeing boy? Well we were in luck, on Saturday we happened to find him and he was all fancy for us! We didn't dress to the nines as he did but I don't think he minded. I still don't know why he's famous. But we were there along with a street full of other tourists waiting to get our pictures with him (...again, why? Oh, this is why)

Onto my favorite part of any day: dessert! And this dessert was a great one. At any time of the day, the waffles made in this town are seriously good. Really, really really good. I want one just thinking about it. I can't even talk about it anymore I'm too hungry. Don't worry, I let Chris have some. Well, I made sure he got his own:

And then, all of a sudden, we were in the Grand Place (Grote Markt). It felt like it really was all of a sudden because one moment you're on a small side street and the next you come out into this large square with these overwhelming building all around. It was incredible. Brussels will definitely be a day-trip for anyone who wants to take a trip. I actually said "wow" when we stepped into the sunlight in the middle of it all.

We ate lunch a little to the left of where Chris is standing and just stared at our surroundings while we ate. 


Last glimpses of Brussels and I'm off to buy a canvas. No, really, this time I will buy something to paint on, not something someone else already painted. 

Til next time!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Copping out

On Saturday night I got so incredible sick that my skin hurt. You know that kind of sick? The kind where even clothing brushing up on it feels like torture? Today things are going much better but I just got up. It's 11am. I never do that. So, today I'll basically be copping out of blogging a bit as I'm writing this from bed and I'm going back to sleep momentarily. But I'll leave you with a few pictures of our little trip to Brussels:

Stories to come tomorrow. For now, back to sleep.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Second hand shop

Remember when I said that I'd been given the line that the second hand store could possibly have "art supplies and more"? Well, no luck in the supplies department. Several easels, all not for sale. Just a lot of "NIET TE KOOP" all over those babies. Ugh.

BUT don't worry. I still found something. And who knows, maybe it will be a little investment someday. Even though there weren't any supplies, there was a whole lot of art. Blown glass, ceramics, and a lot of paintings. In fact, I decided to simply buy a painting and use the canvas to start something of my own. I was going to do that until my eye caught a painting I couldn't resist. I picked it up because it was so beautiful. And only 25 euro. (bargain, right?) Here's a few details below, bad lighting though. You should probably all just come and visit to see it in person...bwahahah

But then I noticed the small plaque with the name, immediately my brain is going: who knows, maybe someone famous? Thoughts of Antique Roadshow went swimming through my head. And I quickly convinced Chris it was a necessary purchase since we've been collecting art each place we travel to. I did a tiny bit of research and turns out some of his stuff actually is worth more than 25 euro, more like 1500 euro...but for now I like it right where it is, in our apartment. The artist is W.J. Nuyen and you can see some of his work here and check out what this one's going for at auction!

Until our purchase, the only piece of art we;d had was one my Mom graciously allowed us to borrow. It is her print of our original painting done of the night we became engaged, by dear friend Alison Weeden. Here's our small reminder while the gift is packed and awaiting our return to the states. I just love paintings. Have to get started on my own again soon.

Tomorrow we are heading out on the first adventure outside of Leuven. We're not going too far, just to Brussels for the day, but I'm already excited to be exploring. One of our stops will definitely be this little guy:

Honestly no one has really told us why he's so famous but they did say that all the best Belgian waffles are found there, and the best chocolate. That's good enough for me. More details to come on Monday! 

Enjoy your weekend :)
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