Thursday, September 20, 2012

A day to remember

We need to make friends with more than just this little guy 

Here in Belgium things have picked up a little bit! Last night Chris and I went to poker night. I assume it's usually a "guys only" type of event but as this is my first week here in Leuven, I was allowed to tag along. Having not played poker since 5th grade with my friend Jen Albrecht (whoa flashback) I luckily was able to back out of participating since our host's wife was also in attendance and not playing either (phew). It was refreshing to talk with another woman living in this town from abroad and though she has a job (like everyone else here) maybe we're starting to make some friends? Funny enough everyone last night was from elsewhere, not a Belgian in sight. There were people from Lithuania, Providence, RI (!), Italy and Sweden.

And what a relief to speak English with a group of people. I've felt over the past few days as if I might as well be deaf walking around this town. Conversations continually go on all around me but as I understand nothing, it's as though I could tune it all out and walk around with no hearing at all. (Though I am VERY thankful to have the ability to hear what with bike riders, cars, trucks and people trying to share the space the size of a hallway on these tiny streets...hearing is important to avoid getting squished)

Okay, a little more flashback for you startingggggggggggg now:

Memorial day 2012 was a marathon of little parties from Rochester to Naples and back out to Spencerport.

We started with a picnic lunch with friends after church. 

Then dinner and a sleepover with the Hanlon group at my parents cabin. 

If you haven't met my Mom's dogs, Ruby and Sully, here's a third of one above (Sully at 1.5 years old...big)

 Then we trekked out to Spencerport for a Maloney party. At first Brady wasn't sure sparklers were interesting or worth his time. He changed his mind after a few but I was waiting in the wings to see if he left any behind. He didn't.

I feel like we don't always get the kind of summer we had this year and who would have known in May that the weather we were getting used to would last almost through September? Even here in Leuven I guess I juuust missed the last few 80 F days, (26 C must get used to that), but no matter. Autumn is here and my sweaters were the only things not wrinkled to death in those space bags so I guess I was prepared already.

Til tomorrow!

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