Monday, October 15, 2012

A New Favorite

I might have been a little biased, (this was my first glimpse of Europe and now we live here and all), but even after seeing all these amazing cities the past few weekends, I still loved Leuven more than them all. Until now. If you go to a city and it rains on and off, (on mostly, I'm talking 83% of the time), and you still love it? I think that makes it a contender for the new favorite of Belgium. Ah Bruges. Or is it Brugge? Anyway, I don't think I could live there because honestly it was super touristy even in October and even in the rain, but little trips? Mid-week even? I'm there. (Get ready visitors!) Here's some of the trip:

This is the Gruuthuse Museum, an actual residence at one point. It's located directly next to an enormous church, the Church of Our Lady. And even has a secret chapel. The family that lived here was considered something like royalty and you can see why:

There was a lot of jewelry on display. This necklace looked super familiar so I snapped a photo. No wonder, I have one just like it! (If you can't tell, mine is the one on the right...)

Remember that secret chapel I was telling you about? This is it on the left. The right is the view from it. These people were seriously lazy.

But they do enjoy a unicorn here and there so I'll let the laziness slide (also who am I to judge; jobless for 14 months).

The church next to Gruuthuse doesn't only have the secret viewing room, it also contains the only work by Michelangelo that was removed from Italy while he was still alive. Belgium, you lucky duck. This Madonna and Child is the work that was sent out. Please excuse the glare on their right and left, this sculpture is behind bulletproof glass (!) kinda hard to work around that with all the lighting.

I'm leaving you on a very pretty note with the inside of the town hall of Bruges. That ceiling is ridiculous, right? Tomorrow you'll see Bruges in sunlight. Up until this point in our trip, it hadn't shown it's face yet so you're going to experience the joy right along with us...tomorrow. See you then!

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