Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This weekend we took a small trip to Antwerp. When we first arrived it was raining, and did for the first half of the day so we escaped into the many, many stores that line the streets near the central station. If any visitors want to shop, I know where we'll be going for sure. Above is the restaurant that we found as we got lost in the small side streets. I finally had a Croque Madam, which is on every menu, and turns out its a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a sunny-side egg on top...it was delicious. From there...

we found our way to Vlaeyskensgang which is a small alleyway hidden off of the Grote Markt and has been preserved to original architectural details of 1591 when it was first built.

The Cathedral of our Lady is that giant structure you see in the background. We didn't pay to go in this time since it was a cloudy day and we had other (read: free) things to go discover.


Violinists and punks.

We went to Rockoxhuis and got to explore a house purchased by Rockox back in 1603. I'd live there.

Wandering slowly back to the station we stepped out of the rain again into a small mall. At the end of this mall we found Diamondland. I thought it was some small timey place until we walked inside and realized where we were. We'd found the heart of Antwerp's diamond district by chance. And walking through I found my favorite piece, to the left. Dreaming.

After a super long day of walking, we were tired. Some more than others. Maybe we'll get a chance to go back another day when the rain holds off better. I hear we might have to wait until July. Good news is, I might have saved up, or convinced Chris, that we can get that ring up there...haha ahh jokes. I think I'll bring you a little Leuven tomorrow!


  1. All these pictures make me so excited to come visit next year!!

  2. And I'm so excited to for you to get here!! I'm already planning out my "visitor's must do" list :D


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