Monday, October 1, 2012


Leuven is a town full of students 9 months of the year. We got this map designed by them, for them, since Chris is a "student" here as well. It is really well designed from an artist's point of view and also from a tourist-not-wanting-to-be-a-tourist's point of view. I love all the little suggestions, we're going to have to start working our way through them soon.

Today might be the first day I take the bike out to run errands. There's so much paperwork to fill out here. But we had to bring it in the apartment for reasons I can't explain until probably December or January... (mysterious, eh?) I don't know how I'll get it out of here maybe no bike today.

Last time I went out to run errands I came back with frames to put pictures of all of you guys in them. We're still working on more, Leuven is expennnnnsive, but for now, family and friends are starting to join us here on paper. However, in two-ish weeks, family is actually starting to join us out here:

Each month Chris and I have budgeted for one really great trip. And October, we're ready for you. I checked the mail this morning and wahoo! The tickets are in! Drumroll please...we're off to...LONDON!

Suuuper excited to finally get to travel! And on a super fast train as well. And this trip has a bonus: Chris' parents will be there! We get to have a little reunion for the weekend while Chris' Dad is working in London for two weeks. Mom's coming too so we all get to experience it together. Fun fun fun!

Errands are calling. I woke up way too late today to get started so this is it for now. More tomorrow!


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