Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashion show

The first frost

Growing up, anytime a shopping trip happened in my house we had a fashion show afterwards for whoever was not present on said trip, usually it was my Dad, (he was a good sport). I continued it with my roommates during college, with my roommates after college, with my friends who lived nearby after the wedding and now with Chris. Needless to say, Chris' response isn't exactly what I've been used to or hoping for. 

So, ladies, can I do a fashion show as it were, with all of you on here? Here's my favorites of the last month and a half's purchases (this is all of it, honestly):

scarves from the market
 sunglasses from London (50p each!)

shoes. all together I got these for under what would equate to $18 and the first pair? 1 pound. love.

 h&m dress

portabello market find 


impromptu date night Thursday night and my newest favorite scarf

So, any favorites? Surprisingly I am loving the fake light pink chucks. I never thought I could pull those off but they're comfortable and at the moment, they're working. And the elbow patched sweater, that one has already been worn at least three times. For a girl who doesn't leave the apartment much, that's a lot.

See you tomorrow!


  1. So cute, love it all! Especially the date night scarf, looks so comfy!

    -Meg Sortore

  2. My favorite, the blue dress and the middle pair of shoes. Such a fashionista!

  3. Thanks giiiirls :) you have no idea how much fun I had putting this together (or how much time lol) I may need an intervention haha


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