Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Friday

Chris played in his first soccer game with his new team. In fact, the day that he called around to find a team, he found one, they had a game the same day and he scored. It's a sort of hat trick, I'd say! 

Sorry for the low quality pictures. This iPod is pretty great but it's camera is about .3 megapixels. No joke.

Today I'm going to bring you a few fun links that I found throughout my internet wanderings this week and beyond. Every few weeks I'll do one of these simply because I know nobody has as much time on their hands as me so think of this as me finding (what I think is) the best the web has to offer you right now, narrowed down by yours truly:




1. Flowers before and after, who thinks up this stuff? So creative.

2. A costume I'd love to go for.

3. Extra cute pumpkin carving ideas.

4. This idea helped me pick which clothes to bring with me to Belgium.

5. Walking around streets full of extremely stylish Europeans; this quote comes in quite handy.

6. Sooo I'm still looking at all things wedding. These grooms' faces are great, especially 10 and 23.

7. Oh my gosh, this dress. A little dress-up and whimsical, I love it.

8. Because I'm not quite prepared to commit to real dye.

9. Lauren Bacall's nickname.

10. It'd be nice to have the world at your feet.

Have a great weekend see you on Monday, we're off to Bruges until Sunday!

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