Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday

It's Friday, Friday! Apologies if I got that horrible song stuck in your head but it's already in mine so also bahaha, take that! In honor of the upcoming holiday of Halloween, the pictures above are from a "Dexter" premiere party we threw at my apartment with the girls back in 2010. Seemed fitting for the weekend of scariness and costumes that is about to ensue. And yes, we did go all out and actually plastic-wrap our entire living room, floor (included) to ceiling. It came in handy a month later with cleaning up after our actual Halloween party. (Don't judge, we saved a lot on heat that month with all that plastic) Below are some new links for you all and also, cheers! Today makes 50 posts from yours truly :]






1. I can't believe this tour of London came out this week. Also, check out the lovely author's blog.

2. These students have all the right answers. Please scroll to at least 13, no 15, ah wait, 16's hilarious!

3. Chris, can we do a vow renewal? Or just super fancy party? I need to wear this dress.

4. This hairstyle would go great with that dress. Or the next one. Or Paris.

5. Valentino! I love you. Anne too.

6. Liz Lemon, in a box, I love you also.

7. Parabens are terrible for you (they think, so far). So I got this shampoo. It's the best.

8. A good Christmas (or birthday, valentines, halloween, etc) present everyone would love.

9. Presidential branding. What a creative idea!

10. Still looking for Halloween costume ideas? Check these 50 out for some inspiration.

I hope your weekend is a great one. I for one am excited to see any Halloween party outcomes! Last year we held one at our place, the year before too, in fact. I think I'll have to bring some of the craziness to your faces next week. But I'm getting ahead of myself, see you Monday!

**This is an update of sorts, even before I post this, I am super glad I completed this for you yesterday because I am currently on one hour of sleep. Yep, one. Could not sleep a wink last night and not for good reasons. It's good when you inexplicably have motivation and energy and take advantage of it. You never know what's going to knock you down the next day and make all that progress necessary. Pray for my family today if you have a moment. If that's cryptic, I'm sorry, it's all I've got for now. Thank you, and as always, back on Monday.

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