Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween (365 days ago and more)

It's Halloween! 

Remember Dexter's premiere night in my old apartment? Okay, scratch that, remember the post I did that mentioned it? Well, this is the Halloween that took place in that shrinkwrapped room a month later. You are looking at dogs and cats, Woody and Jess, BamBam and Pebbles (or was it Tarzan and Jane?), Antoine Dodson and Katy Perry, a roller derby star, a prom-bomb zombie, border patrol and finally, the lovely Gaga.  I didn't own my own camera back then so this is it...

Okay, on to Halloween 2011:

Anyone ever watch Futurama? Yeah, me neither. But Dan and Kelli won the costume contest (in my head) with their interpretation of Leela and head-in-a-jar from the show. This is Dan ^ and you can find Kelli with the other Kelly (moi) at the end...

I haven't done the obligatory "wedding post(s)" yet (and by obligatory, read: YAY reliving it!) for the blog but it's (they're) forthcoming. For all those who weren't at the wedding or didn't know us then or didn't stay long won't recognize who Chris is supposed to be. You see, at the reception, some of Chris' groomsmen became just a little too happy for him and removed all but what you see Chris wearing above. You can't see pants but he's wearing them and so were they, promise.

He came in second as "his groomsmen" in my fictitious contest because 1. he looked great and 2. hahah

This beautiful bird is my lovely sister. It's Katniss and Peacock forever, people. Also, sorry for the selfies, I wanted to get as many people into this post as I could and I guess this time I actually got into the photos with them. Luckily I (apparently) brought my "A" game in 2011 angry-faced-Hunger-Games mode. I think I have the same expression in both pictures. #embarrassing. (What, no # on blogs? c'monnnnn) Alright, moving on...

I'm not sure that they get very into Halloween over here in Europe. There hasn't been much evidence of it, at least not for the adults. Shame.

I love our friends and I am pretty sad that we aren't home to host and celebrate with everyone this year or next (and man I loved that apartment). But when we come back, I call it! Dibs on hosting! I saw a few Halloween parties posted around the blog world and honestly, I'm going to have to up my game for the next time around. Check out this Harry Potter party (part II here)!

See you tomorrow with our weekend's recap of "travels" to Heverlee, (a 40 minute walk from our place), til then!


  1. Okay...seriously???!!! That shrink wrapped Dexter room is quite possibly THE coolest idea for a Halloween Party EVER! So impressed ;) Love seeing the Halloweens through the years! XO Brynn
    p.s. Thanks for stopping by and following :) & best of luck in the giveaway... I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow!

    1. Brynn, I'm loving your blog. It's always fun to meet a fellow Dexter watcher. Thanks for stopping by here!


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