Friday, October 19, 2012

Hi you've reached Kelly, I'm not home right now so please enjoy the following:

I made this post up while I was still in Mad Men mode. I'm hoping you all stick with me after this. It's basically the most random (and hopefully funny) post. After Sunday we've got some more travel pictures and this time with more people than just us in them, yay family!

Okay this video of a man jumping into icy water is ridiculous, I laughed so hard. I guess I'm a 12 year old boy inside thinking this is funny. Or just evil. There's some bad language (they're speaking in German but you can definitely understand a phrase here and there) so keep it on mute if you want, just as entertaining. Enjoy:

In other funniness:

Logos portrayed in the typeface Comic Sans (blech), you can check out the rest of the series called Not a Strong Mark by Oleg Tarasov here. (Also, please don't use Comic Sans)

Anyone out there watch Parks and Rec? You really should. In fact, grab Netflix for a month for free just to get all the way caught up if you don't have it. Clip from one of the best

Anyway, Ben (Adam Scott) is one of my favorite parts of the show, anyone remember Batman from that same episode? Well here he is in what should be the awkward years.

Looks pretty cute to me. And even more over here.

This next image looks like an ad but it isn't, read on...

This is idea pretty funny but also practical. Here in Europe I can't see anyone ever needing this app seeing as drinks at the movies for 4 here are only 12oz and $4 movie drinks in the states are more like 32oz (I don't even think that's exaggerating, I'm probably being conservative). BUT since everyone reading this is most likely American, you might want this app, RunPee. It tells you when the perfect time to go to the restroom during the movie would be. Seriously, it's free, pick it up.

More on me being a pre-teen boy; this story about "the fart that (almost) altered my destiny" is pure hilarity. I read it out loud to Chris and had to stop so many times, I was laughing too hard to see.

This last one was brought to my attention by Erin, because she knows how much I love kids. I mean, just look:

They're mostly just infuriating, ravenous monsters.

There's 27 reasons why kids are kinda the worst. I didn't actually make up this list but I (kinda) agree. (Please no new parents look at this and judge. It's supposed to be f-u-n-n-y)

Okay folks, London recap on Monday. And probably Tuesday and Wednesday seeing as we'll being going going going the entire time. I'm really hoping to get to Notting Hill today for their Portabello Market as recommended. If we don't it'll be a must-do next time around.

And finally, to make it even harder to laugh silently at your desk, animal boops:

See you Monday, have a fantastic weekend!

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