Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's 11:37am, I just got up

No, I didn't get less wordy today and yes, I meant to put that as the title.

Because it's true. And don't be jealous. I wish I had a genuine reason to be waking up earlier but when there are no possibilities of a job to be had and my bum ankle/heel/achilles mess has decided to not get ANY better after 2.5 weeks of complete rest...well...I'm going to sleep in during the time I'd usually be out for a run or getting ready for work.

Usually it's not this late, I promise, I just couldn't fall asleep last night. And hey! Maybe I'm still just on NY time. After all it's now only 5:23 there. Okay, forget all that up there. I'm still just on EST. There now, don't you feel better knowing I'm not completely lazy? I know I do!

When I did finally rouse myself, I did something super duper important. It was to make this:

Okay, don't judge. Mad Men-ing myself isn't super important, I know. Just thought you might want to try it for yourself. The music is pretty fun to dress "yourself" to (I left it open just so I could feel a little like (the copywriter side of) Peggy while I sit here typing).

Update: I made this photo small on purpose because it's still too early but the painting on the easel is the beginnings (I mean, we're at the baby-steps level here) of the series.

I've got a little something to make your Friday even better tomorrow. It made my Thursday pretty great just putting it together. Let's hope I get a chance to post it tomorrow while we're out and about in LONDON (wooo). Til then, bye for now.

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