Thursday, October 11, 2012

Revamp and some sweet Architecture

If you're reading this on an actual desktop or laptop it's plain to see we've updated the look a little. If you're scrolling through on a mobile device then maybe not so much but I do love the new little clocks, and oh! the favicon (the little teeny logo at the top left!) so take a gander :) Okay, on to more important things. These next few images are just a sample of the streets and center of town that I walk through on a daily basis to get anything done or to simply explore.

It's a little strange living here. Kind of like a dream, everything looks like it belongs on one of those travel blogs I visited while sitting at home, dreaming up vacations. Especially with no responsibilities. This entire experience feels dreamlike.

Today again we have sun. In fact I may just be brave enough to show you how sunny it actually is...


A little washed out but that's simply because there's so much SUN (oh and my computer's camera stinks) To end on a much prettier note I bring you my parents on their super late night out (midnight whaaat) last weekend. So fancy pants! See you all tomorrow with more little somethings new.


  1. Gah. I cannot believe you are LIVING HERE. Like this is your hometown and you get to see it every day. I am green with envy...

  2. It is super strange for sure. I'm not taking it for granted but at the same time, there's no place like (the old) home


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