Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer Vacation

When I was a kid, summer vacation was the most anticipated event (aside from Christmas) of the year. We still take a trip every summer, with Chris' family now and so it's still a time that I look forward to a lot. It's strange but prior to moving here, vacation was a word that signified a break from work, usually to someplace out of the state and a not more than a week or two at that. Now vacation is what I'm experiencing on a daily basis with extra bonus jaunts on the weekends. But this summer we went on our annual Cape Cod trip and spent a week with the Maloneys on the beach:

So much sun this year, it was perfect! Only one crazy out-of-nowhere storm that nearly took all our beach accessories and the roof with it's winds.

Kaelyn was so close to walking (and now she is!) back in July that we spent a good deal of time just letting her venture from one pair of hands to another. Brady wanted in on the fun too, but learning to walk is tiring. Almost everyday there was an early unplanned bed time for this guy.

Brady and Kaelyn really make both of these pictures.

On the last morning, we woke up seriously early to leave for a wedding that same day back in Rochester. I took advantage of our early rising to catch the sun. It was by far the best location we've stayed in yet and we're looking forward to 2014 when we get to vacation there again!

Tomorrow, I'll take you around Antwerp with me!

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