Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tourist time in London part II

I forgot to introduce you to our guide! Let me tell you, following around a happy little sunshine umbrella does put a little smile on your face, albeit we smiled from as far a distance as we could. Folks, we're coming to the end of it. A few more pictures and ending with Peter Pan's last stop before Neverland. Here we go!

The Tower of London was our first stop after lunch and it's one I'd recommend. Not sure how much it costs since it was included in our tour but it was one of my favorites of the day. Even without the guide, we just wandered around and I could have even stayed longer.

Infantry and Beefeaters. Beefeaters? Really? I had to check this out because, honestly, why? So they're officially called Yeomen Warders. Some say that the "Beefeater" nickname came about since they were at one point paid their salary in chunks of meat. Coolest thing, while I was looking this up I came across the Maloney's new friend up there on the Royal Website. He's legit, people, check it out.

The crown jewels. I'm dripping with envy. Another place where you cannot take pictures, though. And the vault doors on this thing? They were really impressive. Queen Victoria's small diamond crown was by far my favorite. I guess I'm really just a sucker for those little white sparkles and nothing else. She had it made because the others were too heavy and also she was just a tiny little thing herself, (about 5'1" apparently) so it's fitting, no pun intended. Here's what it looks like but that's not exactly how it was displayed when we saw it. Oh! I just remembered that we saw the tower and the jewels in the latest finale of Sherlock. 

Everyone, seriously, get over to Netflix or PBS or BBC if you're in England and watch this show. Craziness. Okay, tangent over.

This is the (obviously) the smallest and largest suits of armor in the Tower. The one on the left belonged to a king, forgive me, I don't remember who. And on the right, this suit fit a man who would be about 6'4". 

Gift shop and out. We got to take a boat ride over to our last stop, the London Eye. With my fear of heights, I wasn't entirely sure about this stop but again, the day just got better and better and I think twilight (my favorite time of day) was the best time we could have gotten on it.

This boat is now a museum but was originally used in the D-Day attack during WWII. 

If you recognize what movie this bridge is in, we're probably pretty good friends. Also, tucked behind it is Shakespeare's Globe based on the original but opened to the public only in 1997.

While we're on the boat, Chris points out that the employee working near us looks like the most recent James Bond, Daniel Craig. Now, maybe it's because we saw 1200 posters of his face that day but I agreed with him (do you guys?) So I snapped a picture. Aaaaand today, as I was going through them, I just realized, ohmygosh, he definitely caught me. Whoopsies.

The sun dipped just below the cloud line and suddenly we had a sunset as we boarded our carrier (what better word is there, I'm at a loss, it's what they look like, I felt like an undersized puppy).

Tippy top.

There Peter stood with Wendy, John and Michael to begin their journey. Seemed like there was nothing left to do but go to Neverland er, the Tubes, hotel and then home.

Last but not least, we got to take an authentic London black cab back to the station. The guy was gutsy. We slipped between buses and cars in lanes that simply did not exist. I wasn't scared for a second. You trust professionals, don't you?

Say goodbye to London! Link up Friday tomorrow, see you then.


  1. You're right you got on the Eye at the perfect time, what great pictures!

    -Meg Sortore


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