Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tourist time in London

Selfridges in London. Boo! We're scared by the number of holidays they're promoting...

I can't believe that I'm doing this buuuuut we're going to have to break this into two posts. I don't think you can handle more than 20+ pictures in one day. It's too much. It's alright though, I understand. I'm right there with you. (Another side note, I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner but I just dug my wifi mouse out of my still not-completely-unpacked luggage and I'm SO excited. I'm gonna be editing at warp speed compared to yesterday. Boo. Yah. k, I'm done now.) Okay, onto London:

The photos above are not really related other than they both feature food. On the left you can see Chris' lunch. Traditional English fare and it was fantastic. On the right hand side I'm sure the Rochesterians have already found "Waldo" but I cannot tell you how surprised we were to find Dinosaur BBQ sauce being sold in Selfridges in London on Oxford St. I mean...whaaaat? And it's being sold for what equates to $12. Is that ridiculous? I can't remember but it seems like it.

As much as I love sun, the early London morning is pretty dreamy in it's foggy grayness.

We started our tour at St. Paul's Cathedral. It is an impressive work of faith and architecture. Honestly I wish they'd let us take pictures inside but on the other hand it was nice to put the camera down and just take it all in without the pressure of the perfect moment/shot/scene. I was completely drawn in by the mosaic ceilings and the enormity of it all. Browse through these to see the interior. Standing there in front of the altar where Diana got married and looking back up the aisle she much history, I was kind of at a loss for words.

There were two weddings happening the day we visited it. But the chapel they get married in is actually in the basement of the church. In this picture you can see the plaid-clad angry woman on our tour bothering the wedding guests. She was bothered because the tour was being done in both Spanish and English and she didn't see why everyone doesn't know English if they're visiting England...again, speechless. People can be dumb and mean. I rather liked having both, seven years of classes came in handy when she spoke in Spanish first and I could grab Chris' arm to show him what she was describing before we passed it on that crazy bus.

The changing of the guard was interesting to see. I probably wouldn't see it again but the massive amount of people waiting to watch this exchange was baffling. I tried to imagine what it was like on Kate and Will's wedding day. I watched from Katelyn's tv in her room at 4am (are you reading, Kate? You weren't there, I didn't want to wake Trista, and your tv was four steps from my bed lol) and saw the nuptials take place! It must have been shoulder to shoulder waiting for their balcony wave and kiss(es). If you have five minutes, and you missed it the first time, here are highlights of the day. I just watched it, I can't stop smiling.

Anyone recognize this building? If you don't, don't worry. You're about to see the middle level explode in the newest James Bond film though, if you're into that sort of thing.

I'm sorry but a Lotus right near Rochester Row...I think it's fate. Chris? Can we get one?

Fish and chips and a Chelsea v Tottenham game. The ultimate in London lunches. 

More tomorrow including the London Eye and then we're moving on from England. I've got another link up Friday coming for you and Monday, something new (Earlier today that "Monday" was a  "Thursday" because I thought all day today that it was Tuesday. It's not. It's Wednesday, Chris just told me that and it's 9:01pm. Making only two more blog days in this week. Unemployment, ugh). Monday's post is something that girls will like (hint, it involves shopping!). Guys, well, just hang in there. Until tomorrow!


  1. I'm honestly drooling over these pictures (ok, maybe not literally drooling..cause, well, that's disgusting and I'd destroy my computer..but you get it)
    Also, since we won't get to see the new Bond movie together, we most definitely need to see the freaking Hobbit together!! That'll be out when you guys are home for Christmas :) just a head's up.

    1. YAY the Hobbit! I forgot about that. Also, Les Mis comes out Christmas day. You me and Erin have a date to see that one.

  2. Woah. I didn't realise Selfridges had the Christmas stuff up already! And the food hall is waaaay overpriced - I used to buy goldfish crackers for about £5 a pack as a luxury.

    Nice photos - I'm glad the grey weather hasn't spoiled your enjoyment.

    1. Living in Belgium we're getting really used to the greyness of it all. Thanks for stopping by, I'm loving your photos as well :)


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