Monday, November 12, 2012

40 Fonts

Christmas is on my brain lately and that fact that it is my favorite holiday has nothing to do with it. Maybe only a little. Being in Belgium is the reason for this Thanksgiving-skipping, Christmas-music-playing (while Chris is at work), gift-giving-planning, mood that I'm in. There's no reason to hold back once Halloween is over. Christmas is the next holiday so up went the lights and down came all fall window displays. So I decided to get into the spirit and made this for you ^ along with a font list post of my new favorites that I use to create all things blog and otherwise.

The rest of this post is also inspired by another list that I've been hanging onto since February. I loved that this person offered up a whole bunch of new font styles but at the same time, I wanted all of them to be free. These ones are. At the bottom, I'll show you how to install new ones if you want this all laid out for you!

1. A Day in Autumn by Gabriele
2. Annabel Script by Jose Alberto Reyes Galvez
3. Cafe & Brewery by Brittney Murphy
4. Champignon by ClaudeP
5. Channel by Mans Greback
6. Chopin Script by ClaudeP
7. Christmas Card by Harold's Fonts
8. Christmas Lights by GreyWolf Webworks
9. Christmas Snow by TatooWoo
10. Commercial Script by Author Unknown

11. Dawning of a New Day by Kimberly Geswein
12. Dynalight by Astigmatic
13. Doris Day by Mario Arturo
14. FoglightenNo06 by Gluk
15. Jane Austen by Pia Frauss
16. Kingthings Christmas by Kingthings
17. Lavanderia by James T. Edmonson
18. Little Lord Fontleroy by Nick's Fonts
19. Little School by Algomgom
20. Matilde by Typedepot

21. Mayonaise by Maria Nunes
22. Medley Script by D.L.
23. Mirella by Intellecta Design
24. One Two Trees by CloutierFontes
25. Pacifico by Vernon Adams
26. Peach Sundress by Teagan White
27. Pineapples Don't Have Sleeves by Kelvin Ma
28. Quickier by Mans Greback
29. Rocket Script by Font Diner
30. Roskrift Clean by Mans Greback

31. Saint Louis Light by Fonts101Bot
32. Signerica by Mans Greback
33. Sketch Block by Artill
34. Stitches by Cenz Gobbel
35. Suilly la Tour by JB Foundry
36. Sverige Script by Mans Greback
37. The Last Font I'm Wasting On You by GyakuSetsu
38. Waltograph by Justin Callaghan
39. Wiegel Latin by Peter Wiegel
40. Windsong by Bright Ideas

This how-to page for installing fonts is pretty self-explanatory. It doesn't specify for Windows 7 or Vista but I was still able to download and install all of these and they showed up right away. Give it a try. Make something! Or....

A tattoo is (possibly) in the works for my siblings and I (heads up, Sean). I've had my thoughts on a separate one for myself for about a year. I began looking into possible styles for it awhile ago and started downloading fonts to accommodate said styling ideas. Probably almost none of you know that I've had a tattoo for a few years now, (sorry, Grandma). They say it can be an addiction, you can't stop at just one. They might be right.

That's why I'm linking all of my favorite fonts that I've downloaded so far. These are NOT exclusively tattoo fonts. A Waltograph tattoo? Please. But it was the catalyst for searching for fonts and bringing them all to you today.

Tomorrow something new for potential traveling visitors!


  1. I'm getting a Waltograph tattoo now. Just you wait.

  2. Why can't I "like" Gina's comment?? ('cause I think it's an amazing idea!)


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