Friday, November 23, 2012

Belgian Thanksgiving





We didn't have a turkey. Or pie. I'm really regretting not having pie. (Not that I trust myself to make one for a holiday as important as Thanksgiving yet.) I made sugar cookies. They were delicious.

I'm glad we still celebrated even though it felt like a regular day here as soon as you stepped outside. It was actually rather nice cooking together to make a real meal. All our money is going towards travel (as well it should) so we've been eating smaller meals than we did back home. And thank God for that because with no running I'm sure I'd be at least 30lbs heavier if I ate the way I did a few months ago. For example: Chipotle for dinner and Cheesecake Factory or Coldstone for dessert. YUM but probably two days worth of calories and yes, those are two real-life scenarios.

the true end to all Thanksgivings, thank you Macaulay  

This weekend we're heading to Germany for a Christmas Market and I am BEYOND excited. It may rain the whole time but I don't care because Christmas (Santa) is coming. I'm leaving you with a few samples of holiday cheer:


Have a wonderful holiday weekend! YAY for the official commencement of the Christmas season!

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  1. glad you guys got to watch home alone :)
    an your dinner looks amazing! (i know it's not the same, but you're making memories an whatnot) : p
    see you in just 4 weeks!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


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