Thursday, November 22, 2012



We really do have a lot to be thankful for this year. But I'm saving that list for another day. 

Today I'm bringing you the slow but sure turn of events in my life. As much as people shy away from them, labels are everywhere in this world. And as much as I try not to use them, I realized that I label myself quite a bit even in my own head. Some of them are:

Hobby Photographer
Office Manager

Moving to Leuven meant that the job label has been temporarily removed and with no running to speak of for 7 weeks, (this is getting beyond ridiculous), there goes that one too. I would never have thought to add these next two titles but boredom and general over abundance of time on my hands is slowly leading to:


(I should probably have the word "Amateur" in from of both of those up there) Evidence to prove it:







These are my Mom's rolls that she's been making for years. Every Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve or Christmas or Easter (you get the point) all I want to eat is a whole bunch of these with some mashed potatoes and gravy. And maybe some turkey on the side. Maybe.

And in true American Thanksgiving mode, I baked while allowing myself to indulge in Christmas festivities for the first time. Don't count Christmas music in there though, been listening to that for weeks now. In lieu of Christmas lights (just for the moment though, Mom M is sending some!!! Thank you!) I wanted to make something to spruce up the apartment, holiday-style, (I found the ideas for these two over here and here)...results:





'Tis the season!

Chow down today, everyone. We wish we were there to help with all the pumpkin pie eating. Please make some for Christmas! 

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