Wednesday, November 7, 2012


We won't be spending too much time on Ghent because Chris and I didn't spend too much time there ourselves. It rained all day with only a break at noon...for the entire time we were inside eating started up again as we left the restaurant. But it was beautiful while it lasted and we sat near a window to soak it all in.

The first thing we did upon arrival was to walk to "millionaire's quarter" and take in what was supposed to be beautiful houses. They were. The only thing was that the beautiful houses were nothing compared with Southern Parkway in Brighton or East Avenue in Rochester. It was nice to walk around a neighborhood but it made me long for the ones in New York. I caught myself starting to think slightly superior thoughts (for about two seconds) while we walked around thinking, "our neighborhoods are so much more..." until I realized that I can afford to live neither here nor there and the haughty notions flew right out of my head.

 right before lunch

 and right after it

The castle was probably my favorite part. A real fortress in the city and the best part is that you can explore almost every inch of it. Walking around the walls and being in the tallest part of it really helps you gain a sense of the history of the place as you survey the town from the same place they did back then. I got a little carried away in the throne room...

On the left you can see me seated as they were back in the day. On the right, throne(s) more my current class and style.

The last thing we did was walk through a park to get to two museums. And yes, I'll admit it, even though I went to college for a fine art degree, I simply do not get some of the modern art out there. The portraits above are so much more my style. I could sit in an impressionist or portrait gallery for hours.

Liege to come. See you tomorrow!

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