Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy 30th Mom and Dad

Thirty years ago today my parents said "I do

Since I was little, I've been looking at their marriage and hoping, planning and expecting mine to look like theirs. Now that I'm actually in the married part of my life I am even more in awe of them. Marriage can be hard but mostly great. This is a piece of something that they're receiving today from us but as I still haven't worked out the post in Belgium, they're getting it via email and typed instead of snail-mailed and handwritten as originally created and intended (sorry guys). This is part of the gift below: 

If Chris decided to just up and quit his job and start a business a few days later in our home, I don't know what my reaction would be. My Mom handled this exact situation in her own marriage and seeing where they are today just leaves me in wonderment. When my mom was a psychiatric nurse my Dad used to have to handle all four of us on all her overnight shifts and that's another thing I can't imagine dealing with. Four kids five years old and under, no thanks. I know that these weren't their only obstacles and maybe they don't even see them as things that were that tough but trying to put myself in their places, it seems pretty tough to me. 

I look at the two of them and pray that I will follow their lead and have a marriage as strong and joyful and wonderful as theirs. 

Happy Anniversary!

p.s. I saw this on pinterest awhile back and made my own because it's completely true as a bucket list item and one I think my parents have followed:

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