Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Friday

Last weekend we had our trips and then skyped with a few friends for close to four hours (including a two-hour soccer game). We'll be watching a game again on Saturday and hoping to catch a glimpse of them in the stadium cheering their brains out for another friend on the team.

Hooooold on a second, I just heard the water for our heater start up. Must. Be. Next. To. It. I'm freezing most days of my life and these days in Belgium are certainly no exception so I need to relocate...and switch chairs at the table...hah ahhh okay, moving on.

I'm not sure what the rest of the weekend has in store for us but I'm excited to have Chris for two full days with no work again. I was a little spoiled from last weekend's four days in a row. I have a little link round up for you with an important one sprinkled in (no. 9).


1. Kelly in Belgium, in a nutshell. Must remember to keep an open heart.

2. DIY sparkle for any home.

3. Funfetti dip. I'll be making this at Christmastime (due to lack of funfetti here).

4. Leia is officially welcomed to Disney. Take your place, Princess.

5. Pop culture silhouettes.

6. The New York Times breaks it down for you.

7. No matter where I am, when they are there, I am home.

8. Find a new favorite word

9. Help Sandy victims get back on their feet. A few different ways to help.

10. I want a Jane Eyre scarf.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday (and maybe once this weekend if you're lucky)!

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