Thursday, November 8, 2012


Liege was a surprise. People put on quizzical expressions and asked "...why?" when Chris told them of our plans to spend a day in the city. The honest answer would have been that we're running out of places to explore (within Belgium) on our budget. I know that there are probably tons of little towns like Leuven that we can head to, but we've been looking for a little something extra in a destination. After Liege I realized that we may find treasures in any city, no matter the size or lack of recommendation.

 The train station, left, was a surprise in itself. This thing was enormous and such an extreme contrast to most of the architecture we've come across in Belgium. Interesting.

It probably shouldn't have been but this was our first stop. This store is going to be our downfall. Thankfully, Liege is the only Belgian town that has it. We'll avoid it as much as possible.

Liege meatballs and french fries with mayonnaise. Honestly, all of it was great. Don't judge.

After lunch we stopped in at a tourism office to search out the map I'd seen online the night before...

we walked the green, orange and red trails, also a far-reaching, not-featured purple one

I'd stumbled across a website that detailed a night-time walk through the hills above the city in Liege. Even though we missed the date of the walk by a month, I figured, why not travel the pathway in the daylight? After so much city-city-city in every town it was such a refreshing getaway to travel these footpaths cut into the hills. I put my camera away for most of it so the treacherous cobblestones (made worse being covered by sodden leaves) wouldn't take me out as we explored, but I did manage to catch a glimpse here and there for you. Even with the bad footing, you can't put a damper on hiking-time. I loved every minute. Even in inappropriate footwear.

The first thing our map did was take us up above the town onto the "terrace" path where one can look down onto the rooftops.

part of the trail included the Mountain of Bueren staircase, some 373 steps.

At this point in our climb, (this little red bay window is about halfway), Chris looks at me at exclaims, "people live up here!?" looking at the doorways to our right and left I agreed and wondered at it myself. He followed with "I would hate carrying groceries up here" Again, agreed. But, the views...!

happy little puffy white cloud 

Finally, we grabbed one vanilla Liege waffle and one cinnamon one (yummm) and headed back to the train. We barely caught it by two minutes and if we had missed it the next one wasn't for an hour (whoops). With an end to the day as great as those waffles, we didn't have a care in the world. We might have even headed back for more finding ourselves with another hour to spend there. Or maybe we would have gone to the random (month-long temporarily-installed) carnival we walked past on our way out that had huge rides and tried our luck with them...?

I think we'll be back to Liege. Even on a day where it literally rained on and off every thirty minutes, it was beautiful. 

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love adventure dates! Looks like a fantastik time!


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