Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life lately

Remember the Belgian Art House I mentioned last Thursday? It's already been taken down but we squeezed in a visit on the last day. Worth the stop.

Strangely enough (not), soccer still has quite the presence in our lives here. We watch it late at night from our couchbed while it's happening in NY, (we also watch it during the day while it's happening in England quite a bit), we Chris plays it on both fantasy league and video game platforms, and I watch while Chris plays a version of it indoors once a week.

I've been cooking a bit. More baking than cooking actually. Peanut butter cookies were the flavor of the weekend. I've also been scouring the town for Christmas lights. They're filling up store windows and decorating the exterior of shops everywhere. Found them recently and guess what...the string of 50 that you're looking at is 20 euro. Cheapest I found anywhere was a 100 bulb string for 7 euro. There goes that dream (feel free to mail us a strand or two)! Laundry, love and lights.

I'll be attempting my Mom's famous bread/roll recipe this afternoon. I'm going to take pictures and even if it turns out to be a disaster, you'll get to see the effort! One day to turkey-day regular Thursday-day for us!

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