Monday, November 19, 2012

Moving right along

We have amazing people back in the USA. During the Lancer game Saturday night in Rochester we were sent a "Hello!" picture from our usual cheering section. The picture we sent back was us in pj's on our couchbed at our 1:40am time frame. These 1-4am games are killing us but we wouldn't have it any other way...except for maybe this upcoming Wednesday night...we'll see!

Meanwhile, back in June:

friends lounging with us after a secret mission was completed...more on that in a month or so... 

our Rochester abode pre-move out 

I'm taking you on a journey back in time to moving day in Rochester because I'm waxing nostalgic today and if you're checking in here you have to deal with my whims!

Since Chris was out of town for the move-out festivities for training on the west coast, friends showed up to help and I'm still thankful that they did! My Mom and Dad, of course, came to help with the addition of the truck and trailer. At the other end of things, my brother helped unload it all in Canandaigua. Blessed by so many. I promise I also contributed to all of this and only ran to get the camera once the Tetris-like maneuvering began in the trailer. After all that we crashed at Jake and Elissa's just up the street with sushi from California Rollin'. Not quite the usual moving-day pizza and beer but they let it slide.

What I was left with for the next month was one set of silverware, a plate or two, a couch in the living room for sleeping, a tv on the floor, a bed frame that hadn't fit with the rest, a few paintings, and a half-filled closet of clothes.

A few weeks later the entire apartment was void of everything save a laptop for cleaning music, a tiny lamp, a clock, a box of tissues and a fan. I feel like there's a "Goodnight Moon" story somewhere in there.

I felt like taking a short trip down memory lane because this weekend was a rough one. By Sunday evening everything was fine and honestly there was nothing devastating about it all, just loneliness and homesickness. The difference between Friday and Sunday wasn't anything substantial either. A small surprise gift from Chris, Pizza Hut take-out for an infrequent taste of home, texting friends at the game while we watched from home at an ungodly hour and a few dates with new friends all made the difference. Nothing has really changed but you can't stay in a humdrum frame of mind indefinitely, it is suffocating. So we press on. And count the days until December 22 at 6:02pm when we arrive in ROC. Woo!

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