Friday, November 2, 2012

(somewhat) Admitting Defeat

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I've known Chris for almost six years now (!). In those six years he has repeatedly insisted that his eyes are green. "It's on my driver's license" he says.

Note: In New York state, you fill out that driver's license information yourself. I should know, I said my eyes are hazel. They might very well be just plain brown but the licensee gets to determine which abbreviation comes after EYES: and on my card it reads HA because that is what I put down.

For six years I've stuck to the fact that I think Chris has blue eyes. Don't get me wrong, they're marvelous blue eyes. Excuse the sap, but I like them a lot, find them piercing, captivating even (I know, go ahead, puke) but the fact still remains that I also believe them to be blue and he disagrees completely. He refuses to even submit to my generous compromise of "blue-green".

And then last Sunday happened. As we walked home from Heverlee's market, we passed a house that strikes me each time I see it. It has exactly what I'm looking for someday in an exterior color combination (at the moment). I pointed it out to Chris and he asked me,

"What color would you say that is?"

"Well, it's sort of a really light...hmm maybe very pale green."

Cue smug expression on Chris' face. "That's the color my eyes are."

I blinked at him. We promptly looked both ways and crossed the street in an effort to prove him right/wrong. I positioned him directly in front of said house and took a few are the completely unedited results:

Even as I looked at the two-inch screen in review, I knew I'd been caught in a trap of my own admission.

Now, I agree, his eyes are dangerously close to the hue that building is touting. However, scroll back up to those elegantly named, mostly blue tones at beginning of the post. "Pale, light green" doesn't really cut it, right? My perceived color of the building was incomplete and incorrectly named! Maybe what really happened was that I just had a mini lapse in brain functionality when attempting to locate the correct description of the color in that moment...? Words failed me, right? Maybe it's still open for discussion...? Alright, I'm dropping it.

Chris, you win.            sort of, for now

Have a good weekend everyone. We will be trying our hardest over here; Liege, Ghent, here we come! See you Monday!

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  1. haha! oh man, gotta love those sneaky situations.. whatever color it is, it sure is pretty! i also have friends whose eyes change colors and that just doesn't seem fair haha :)


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