Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Visitor Alert: Calendar

Getting hit with the travel bug like Sean was?

Those of you who had a glimpse at the wedding day timeline I made for September 2, 2011 will find the rest of this post as no surprise. It is a study in slightly neurotic behavior masquerading as extreme organization in a need to offer ourselves as hosts with complete attention. All that to say: I made a calendar so visitors will not overlap if they don't want to.

I'm adding in the trips that we are planning on taking ourselves because it costs a lot more to book last minute, even with trains, so we already have our January plans finalized and will be working on February soon enough. I'm guessing also that those who are planning to come will want to buy tickets well in advance as well. As in, you should probably think about buying them 3-6 months in advance and I'm not exaggerating. I'll do another alert on flight-tips but for right now, just the calendar stuff. We have fifteen more cities that we definitely want to go to. They're all written down in a tiny little notebook and so far we have nine (just booked an almost accidental trip to Rome for January) ten outside of that fifteen that have little checks next to them.

So I've made an extra page on this little blog, it's on the left-hand side. Those of you on mobile things, switch to the web version to check this out. Click on "Calendar" over there and you'll get to what I'm talking about. These are calendars that I'll be adding to every time something is booked: get-togethers over Christmas break back in New York, week-long adventures with this or that set of family here in Belgium, three-week stays from a friend named Leigha...?

I'll be adding the rest of 2013 months very soon. I'm working on them today in fact. UPDATE: All calendars are up, however, after January there's nothing to be filled in with regards to plans so help us fill them up. I'm doing all of this because I sincerely want everyone to be able to come that wants to and give all visitors undivided attention. Alright, enough from me, start planning and then get in touch!

Tomorrow Mechelen travels.

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