Monday, November 19, 2012

Walk in the Woods

We had a stunning, brisk quintessential autumn day filled with sunlight last week. I took to the sidewalk and started off for the woods to take advantage of it.

It was just awe-inspiring. In lieu of a real partner, (as every other resident of the paths seemed to have one), Bon Iver strolled alongside via ipod. Light danced everywhere and the sun started to set, turning mere red into scarlet and then ruby.

Certain expectations have happily been overturned. I came to this place, Leuven, anticipating doom, gloom and rain to top it off, on a daily basis. I thought Autumn would pass Belgium by. A day like the day I spent in the trails sends all those thoughts scattering in the sun among the falling leaves. A day like that day helps me step out of the past, into the present and remain there.

We're two days to Thanksgiving now. Chris still thinks we'll have turkey for it. I'm thinking with an oven the size of my parent's microwave and the lack of turkeys seen in any store here ever, probably not. But mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (maybe?), gravy and that close enough? Although how one makes gravy without the turkey is beyond me. Off to grocery shop today! And maybe I'll find the recipe to my Mom's perfect rolls in my email inbox today...Mom?

In other news, I finished Jane Eyre (for the third time) last night at 3am and will be starting Persuasion for the first. I'm irrationally excited. Feel free to interrupt with phone calls. I warn you, though, I may be lost in Charlotte Bronte/Jane Austen-ese. Pray pardon me; I am not at liberty to curb the language of yours truly while wrapped up in such literature. ...or something like that.

Farewell sweet friends, I bid you good-bye for a little while [until tomorrow!]


  1. Oh gosh, these photos are absolutely stunning! Wishing I was there right about now!
    xo TJ

  2. If your mom sends you the recipe for those rolls forward them to me please!! I'm making the rolls for our Friendsgiving here in L.A. this year!


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