Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beauty in Paris Architecture

I know I'm throwing a lot of Paris at your faces this week. Thank you for bearing with me, only two days left (I think). Two days will most likely bring the end of consistent blogging for a bit as well because in two days I'll be boarding a plane with Christopher. We are heading back to America for Christmas and New Years! To describe the joy I have building up inside me at going home would be impossible. I feel like Dorothy, clicking my heels, closing my eyes and whispering, "there's no place like home" only I'm so happy I could shout it! These pictures of our travels and the beautiful places we've been experiencing are nothing compared to family and friends. I miss you all so much sometimes I can hardly stand it and the weight of the distance often seems too much, but I think I can bear it for two more days (TWOMOREDAYS) because I'm assured a much need trip home after the short wait. 

Today's post consist of pieces of my favorite architecture found throughout the city. Compared to how I appreciated the beauty of Paris to other places we've been so far, I rarely used my camera. Honestly. We walked a little over 20km (12.5 miles or so) and were lost more often than not so my camera frequently stayed tucked away in my purse when I maybe could have captured that perfect essence of Paris. You should probably just come here and experience it (maybe even with us?) and that's my real excuse for the lack of exposure(s).


Christmas is almost upon us. Thank you Christopher, for taking me to Paris for my present this year. You are quite simply, the best.

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