Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bruges x2


Wait until you see the wonderful light that Bruges was blessed with this past Saturday. We had such a wonderful time trouncing around the streets among the crowds. The sun brings out as many people as the little sidewalks can handle and more. Mike had quite the shocked look on his face after almost being run down by a horse and carriage!


















We spent our time there indulging mostly in the sights and tastes of Christmastime in Bruges. There was over-sized bratwurst to be had for the guys and fries for myself. We all indulged in (unfortunately rather small portions of) hot cocoa and waffles. I guess I didn't hide my disappointment well at the sight of minuscule plastic cups that were to hold our drinks. Mike pointed out he'd never seen such a look cross my face before. I take my sweets seriously.

The Christmas market here was smaller than we've seen so far but Oh My Goodness. It was packed! We traversed the town as much as we could before we hit the Ice Magic goodness that you saw yesterday.

I'll have more to write about Brussels but less pictures since the rain kept my camera inside and safe from water damage and freezing temperatures See you tomorrow!

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  1. One of our (my husband and I) dreams is to go to Bruges. Specifically because we love the movie In Bruge so much. These pictures are beautiful.


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