Thursday, December 6, 2012

Busy Bee

our frosty morning walk

Today I have the rare occasion to actually be busy all day. I woke up with Chris for once, (well, sort of, I was up at 3:30 and just stayed up from then on), and walked to his work together. So nice to up with the brisk air, with frost on the ground and before the sun even rises! I already hit up every store I needed to go through and now it's onto the housework.

We're getting everything ready for a guest and in the midst of that I decided I need to go through the clothes I brought here with me. When I clean, I really clean house, apparently. We simplified so much in every area of our lives, out of necessity really, by moving here with so little, that I'm realizing there's plenty of clothing I just haven't even touched since we've been here. Without work, and with everyone I know here being at work all day, there are less occasions to look presentable during the daytime. I'm not saying that I'm in sweatpants 24/7, (though I probably could get away with it from Monday morning to Friday evening...), just that other than the whole I-don't-want-my-husband-to-think-I'm-a-slob mindset, there's not really any pressure on presenting myself in a completely made-up and different way each day. Oh no, I think I'm starting to see my Mom's point of view on the whole "uniform" concept...

Alright, enough of this for today. I'm off to clean it all, closets included.

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