Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Morning




Good morning, clouds. Good morning, birds.


We said goodbye to Mike today. Fingers crossed he's in a first-class seat right now, heading back to Rochester! 



I'm counting my blessings that his visit came at a point in time when our own travels to Rochester are imminent. It was hard say goodbye, I'm guessing a big part of it is that I wanted to be boarding a flight back home as well. So much of our daily lives were spent with family and close friends, throughout the whole of our relationship, really, prior to coming to Belgium. Maybe I never realized how important it was to us to share even the mundane with others. That's not at all to say that I took any of that time for granted, not on purpose anyway. I suppose it's the nature of everyday life to have a sort of routine, expecting things to happen the way they commonly do...I guess that sort of is the definition of taking something for granted. Well. Moving forward I know our time will be seen in a changed light on visits home and once we have the final move back. It was vitalizing to share all this with someone who knows us and it hit me continually throughout his stay how much I miss the ability to experience our world with Chris and co. It's beyond wonderful to have all this time just for the two of us but it's nice to add another to the party on occasion when there are countries and cities to be explored!

I'll share our first mutual exploration of Europe in another post. For today, I'm leaving you with a farewell. 

Safe travels, Mike!

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