Monday, December 17, 2012

Guest "Guest Post" Day from Mike

After our first visitor left us he proclaimed he might make a "Top Ten" list of his Belgian excursion. I asked him if I might use it for my blog and he said it sounded like "a fantastic idea" so here goes:

Top Ten (+2 extra) Memories from Mike's Belgium Adventure
12. The extra cookie you get when you order hot chocolate with whipped cream (also the 40 cookies in your apartment)
11. That gigantic hot dog with face numbing spicy mustard
10. Chris waking me up with Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
9. Chris' 'syncing' joke to end the evening followed by 5 minutes of Kelly giggling uncontrollably before falling asleep
8. The vast array of Kelly's facial expressions, starting with the death glare to the lady who gave Kelly a very small portion of hot chocolate.
7. The amazing freakin' Belgium waffles by the peeing boy statue. Holy crap. That's about as close at it gets to culinary perfection for me.
6. Chris proving just how gullible he is by pronouncing "Purple" really slow (cuz it sounds just like gullible), this after he ragged on people for being too gullible.
5. The beauty of Bruges and all of our skepticism towards the proclaimed vial of Christ's blood at the cathedral. And that -4*C Ice Magic freezing our faces off.
4. Watching the Lancers game with Dan and Kelli on skype until 5 am one night and not watching the game that started at 9 pm Belgium time the next night.
3. Finding Chris at the airport and then trying to convince Kelly I didn't actually come at all before jumping out at her
2. "Family Dinner" at the Maloney's complete with amazing beans, unbelievable fish, and the best brussel sprouts I've ever had. Compliments to the chef...Chris.
1. Talking about anything and everything under the sun at the apartment, on the streets, in the trains, and at restaurants at all hours of the night for literally hours upon hours on end. Absolutely awesome.

His list could not come at a better time, I'm completely out of sorts all of a sudden this morning with what feels like the flu so this is all I can do for today. I love his list and if I can think of anything to add I certainly will but for now, Mike, you've got quite a future in writing. Stop by here and add your two cents to anything you like. 

Paris will probably inhabit the web pages of this little blog the rest of this week but I'm mum on that city for now. One more little (completely random but adorable) piece of happiness for your face today:

All together now: "AwwwwwwWWWww" 

Back to bed for this sick expat to dream more dreams of Saturday's return.


  1. I LOVE "Thrift Shop!!!!" soooo goooood... I'm gonna listen to it right now.

  2. Hahahaha Dave just yelled "TURN IT UP!" from the other room

    1. Lol every time I see a gigundo fur coat lately, (which was every two feet in Paris), immediately I hear "I'm gonna pop some tags..." and it's all over from there


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