Monday, December 17, 2012

Love locks in Paris


I'd heard of places around the world where couples fasten a padlock to bridges or fences and throw away the key to signify their everlasting love. I didn't know that there were any in Paris until we stumbled across a bridge along the Seine. The little green stalls along the river sell locks to unsuspecting couples like us and so we bought a small gold one. We headed over to add our names to the multitude of other couples past. A dozen present ones were there along with us to fix a moment in time in such a romantic city with small bits of shiny metal. I love corny things like that, such a sucker for love!







the fake throw

the real one (underhanded, such a girl)



We threw the keys into the river and stood watching everyone else take their time finding the perfect location for their own love to rest in Paris forever. I like thinking that our little lock is sitting there still gazing at the river. I hope when we go back, maybe years from now, we can still find it and remember the moment that we locked it into place. 

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