Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Chri-


...stmas Tree...?


This is as close as we're getting this year. The Christmas tree farms must be either far away or nonexistent here, I haven't seen a single one tied to the roof of a car or being carried through the streets like we did last year. I had my eye on a bunch of cardboard ones to make for our little apartment that I found on pinterest but none seemed to work. I tried dying the newspaper to make it look older. No such luck. And somehow I came up with this design through no DIY website, just my own, "let's see if this will work" mindset. As good as it gets.


And then we got our first Christmas gift! And our first package ever! So exciting! String of lights from Chris's parents and SYRUP from Wegmans no less! Needless to say we had french toast for dinner that night. YUM. Oh thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!

Lastly, one more holiday song download. Already listening to it myself but I can't vouch for how good it is yet, try it out! I will be today as I walk to the stores to find a converter so I can plug those lights in!!!

Until tomorrow!


  1. THAT TREE!? genius!!!! How did you do it!?


    1. Wellll

      - I took a sturdy cardboard box and made the trunk, taped it to a base (although my tree IS leaning against the wall for support).
      - Then I just took pages of newspaper and wrapped them up into cone-shaped "branshes" punched a small hole in the "trunk" and pushed the end of the cone into it. To make the branches get smaller towards the top, I just tore the newspaper down in size as I went along.
      - On the very bottom I had to tape a layer of the scrap cardboard to support the very bottom row of branches.
      - Lastly I made a funny little cardboard star with a stem and covered it in tinfoil, pushing the stem into the top of the trunk when I was done.

      It took about an hour and a half to do it and it probably will have to come down after this year, not to be put up again, but this [] was my inspiration....mine fell far from it but I still like it :)


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