Monday, December 3, 2012

SHM Saturday! aka The Maloneys First All-Nighter in Belgium

Last one, promise. Dog lovers, please play this. 

As any of you faithful followers know, we spent Saturday night in Antwerp with Swedish House Mafia (and a sold out crowd). I'm in love. It was just so good.

Many of you might not care for their music, ("music?!" you might be saying), but most of you have to enjoy attending a concert to hear the band or singer or orchestra or, in this case, particular dj(s) that you play on repeat. So you might understand how thrilling this was!

I hope all you photographers (or amateur wannabes like me) have a little voice in your head that urges you to put the camera down and just revel in whatever circumstance life finds you in.* It happens to be my brother for me, stemming from a trip to Ecuador. I'm so thankful for it because sometimes the pressure of capturing the "perfect moment" gets to me. The concert started at 7:00pm for us and ended at 12:30am...these are all the pictures I got in 5 hours. I definitely put the camera down and loved every second (give or take 25).

My favorite part was all of it. HA! I know that sounds dumb but it was all so great! And who knew you can dance in the small confines of the leg room allotted to a stadium seat? Ugh, can we go back?

The last train to leave Antwerp on Saturday nights pulls out of the station at 12:28am...we had quite a few hours to kill before the first train home at 5:13am. This is what we did with our time...

We attempted to sit in the stadium as long as possible to avoid the rain and crowds and our 40 minute walk back to the center of town. Even the lure of a protected ten minute metro ride from the stadium, out of the rain, couldn't induce us to grapple with the crowds of thousands of crazies mixing from our concert and the Masters of Hardcore (!) across the street also trying to get back...there was just no way. So we hoofed it back after security kindly glared at us to leave. 

We hit up Kelly's Irish Pub (fate) for a round of beer and hot chocolate and what we thought was going to be our first bar food in over two months. No such luck. Kitchen closed. 

We left there and found a frituur open and each got large fries with mayo, yes, we've converted. A bunch of fellow concert goers were also hovering about every open restaurant. At least we had the frame of mind to wear jackets. That's what being 24 (and older) will get you, at least a smidgen of common sense. 

Then the train station for wifi-texting and an update on the Lancer game. It was closed so we sat outside for about an hour til our ipods were spent.

We discovered an architecturally unique club semi-inside the station but it had a cover charge so kept on walking. And back to Kelly's we went. 

Round two. 

Kicked out at 4:15 so we window-shopped for a half hour.

Finally the station opened up, we hopped on a train and listened as three, quite loud and inebriated, Germans tried to pick up a few Polish girls on the ride back towards Brussels. (Unsuccessfully)

On the next train we realized that two of the hardcore fans (with Jason masks no less...) and four more SHM guys were also trying to get home to Leuven. While waiting twenty minutes at 6:00am in the freezing station with these six, the SHMers, Chris and I took refuge from the cold and the wind in the underpass. At one point I poked my head around the corner to peak up to the platform, looking for the train, and one of the other two was standing alone at the top, wearing the mask and staring down the stairwell. I almost peed my pants. When Chris looked a second later, he was gone. Creeeeepy. Did not relish getting on a train with that guy.

Finally we arrived back home in Leuven to the first snowfall! It completely regenerated me to the point where I didn't actually fall asleep until 8am. The plan was to take a nap and then head to church at 10 and the market afterwards...I woke up closer to 4.

Church streamed from Rochester; I love and miss you thfny. I made a tree as well, but more on that later.

I hope your weekends were fun filled, see you all tomorrow!

*Unless it's for work or you're shooting a wedding, then no. In those circumstances, do not put the camera down, unless switching lenses or memory cards.

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