Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snow and Brussels (sprouts)


First let me say this; falling asleep with Christmas lights on is probably one of my most favorite parts of the season. I cannot wait to do that on the squashy couch in my parents living room with the (hopefully) at least eleven foot behemoth of a tree lit with colorful strands close by. 8 MORE DAYS.



These are actually from the morning that Mike arrived. It was such a snowy day but even with all that blowing around, it was all gone two hours later.




I think these pictures document someone getting caught in a "gullible" routine, but I won't embarrass anyone with the details...


We spent our Sunday in Brussels. I was searching specifically for a certain gift for a certain special grandparent of mine but we were too late for the particular market that I needed. I'll have to search around Paris instead (!) but I'll find it! 

Brussels was on Christmas overload, the enormity of their market was extreme to say the least. We became pretty adept at squeezing through the crowds but a weekday visit would probably be a good idea for serious shoppers. Side note: Leuven's market opened last night, complete with fireworks, and we're heading there tonight to check it out! We took Mike to see the peeing boy and get the best waffles I've had yet, raspberry sauce and slagroom anyone? 

The best part of the day was coming home after it all. Chris treated us to a home-cooked meal of fish, green beans and brussel sprouts all with recipes he concocted himself. It was sooooo good. If you know me, you know that the normal Kelly never eats any of that stuff, unless it's been deep-fried. Europe must be having at least a little bit of a good influence on me...or maybe that's just Chris and his healthy eating. The true accomplishment of the meal was Mike's reactions. I've never seen such an enthusiastic response to a dinner before. Bravo, Christopher. I didn't take any pictures of it...but I'm hoping you can picture big smiles and lots of greens (not combined though, just in the same locale. I wouldn't let Mike walk around with sprouts in his teeth). We ended with Elf, a perfect finale to a wonderful visit. Now the rest of you, get yourselves a plane ticket or two and we promise to show you a good time!

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