Friday, December 7, 2012

Tick Tock

Counting down the days until we're exactly two weeks, one day and some odd hours, we will be! 


On a Leuven note, most of the trees were finally lit last night including this guy! And the streets, so many lights! Thrilled! Our own Christmas Market doesn't start for another few days but looks like everyone's gearing up for it. Including mother nature. I'm about to head into our version* of a snowstorm. We're supposed to get about 3cm of snow...shut it down, people, shut it alllll down. An inch or so of snow!? I'm so excited actually. It's the little things now, apparently. Oh Christmastime, please stay forever.

*UPDATE: I spoke too soon. It actually was pretty blustery and when you add giant snowflakes to that, yes, I would call that a snowstorm even in NY. Luckily I had my mask so I ran down the streets looking like a ninja. Photo to come...

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