Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amsterdam in the Snow

The moment we arrived in Amsterdam the air was filled with swirling snow. It was beautiful and picturesque and not a little difficult to walk in. We wandered around looking for a place to eat after my pancake destination was completely packed. We found a restaurant with no visible name, which Chris proclaimed must mean that it has amazing food. Whatever his logic was for that, he wasn't far off. We warmed up with amazing hot chocolates and a good hearty brunch before heading to the hotel.

The stairs up to our second floor hotel room were insane. When we walked through the restaurant we went to later that night I realized they also were the norm in the tiny row houses of Amsterdam but wow. Tight and steeeep.

Rembrandt's windows.

The Van Gogh museum was under construciton so they relocated the entire collection for the time being to the Hermitage museum which, to my delight, also housed an impression impressionist collection, my favorite style of painting.

 Can someone please pull that dress out of the painting and then also give me an occasion to wear it?


  1. Here is the logic. If a restaurant has no name and is full of people, it must be good. Just think... no advertising or even mention that the place is a restaurant, and the place is full. And obviously only the locals would be going there because how do you find a restaurant with no name on a travel website? By the way, I found it with a quick google search there is not too much about this cafe except a few excellent reviews from locals. Its the cafe found at Wolvenstraat 23.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I love impressionist art too - I'd pretty much die if I went to the Van Gogh museum! So fun that you got to visit.

    PS: Those stairs are seriously insane.


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