Friday, January 25, 2013

Berlin, the Finale

After the museums and the memorials and the wall, we did see a lot more of Berlin. And now you get to as well.

Get ready for some Berlin Bear silliness. Feel free to judge, no one was out on the streets while I was out doing these and I feel like I missed some part of being a goofball in public.

How could we go to Germany and not get Chris a bratwurst?? So we did. That's the only answer to that question.

We loved us some Brandenburg gate. Obviously.

Where's waldo*?        *Kelly

For dinner we went to a recommended spot by Chris' friend Alex: White Trash Fast Food. The name almost deterred us but I read reviews and away we went. Sooooo good. I had chips and guac, chili, mashed potatoes and green beans with bacon and then a gigantic brownie with walnuts to top it off. Yes. On purpose. So so so so good. I'd go back just for that food.

We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare this time. I got 200 tic tacs and a macaroni salad. Chris got this:

More adventures to come this weekend and then we're working on our next travel adventure. Nothing set up until Seville (!) the first weekend in March. Maybe we'll take a break until then....probably not.

Have wonderful weekends!

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  1. what an adventure! i've always wanted to go to berlin - i've only heard great things!


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