Thursday, January 24, 2013

Berlin Museums, from the Small to the Very, Very Tall

First things first: 

This is one of my wonderful sisters: Erin

She's heading to Kenya. Supporting her is as easy as one, two, click here. Then come back here and finish reading today's blog if you'd like.

We stayed at another place via airbnb (loving that site so far) and as we were walking out the door to finish out Saturday we asked our host if he had any museum recommendations. He sent us - on what was almost a goose chase - to this tiny little museum that housed the archive of werkbund pieces.

Dan and Kelli, 22 euros is a bit steep so we didn't this time, but someday you'll be unwrapping these
This is the cutest airplane spoon ever.

Next we headed over to Museum Island and took in the Pergamom. It's insane. It's archaeological digs transported to Germany and then set up and recreated within this museum. 

You could walk all over the ancient Greek city of Pergamom, climb its steps and sit next to its pillars. Pretty sweet. It was the first time we grabbed headphones and joined in like true museum enthusiasts, taking it all in slowly, trying to stretch the time before we had to head back out into the freezing cold. 

For tomorrow, wait, what day is it tomorrow? Thursday? No, Friday. Okay. More Germany fun tomorrow at least and then Saturday we leave for Amsterdam. Unemployment is killing me. No idea what day it is, ever. I mean, I knew yesterday was January 23 but day of the week...? Not until it's a travel day does that ever matter.

Goodbye until tomorrow, whatever day that may be. 

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  1. I LOVE the photo of the teenagers wearing the headphones! Unfortunately I realized from your later photo that those were audio tour headphones and not rock music headphones so there's less irony... but I love the visual all the same.


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