Thursday, January 10, 2013

If I were a Superhero...

I would probably be something like the girl version of Superman. Is that Wonder Woman? Can someone with some geek skills correct me here? I say this because I think I recently discovered what my kryptonite would be. Clouds. I'm not talking happy little puffy white ones. I mean deep gray, one solid shade, 200 foot thick ones that don't let even the possibility of the thought of such a thing as the Sun enter ones mind. Also being injured, that's got to be another part of my kyrptonite. I have to be able to move.

Thankfully, today, neither of those things hindered me and I was able to run like the wind (a very soft and slow breeze of a wind) this morning and found myself staring in wonder at that blue BLUE hint of sky poking through puffed clouds.

I ran along with my music today thinking of superheros when a song I hadn't heard in just over a year came on. Now, don't judge, I like a little Rihanna now and again. Most of you probably haven't heard her song "Farewell" but this is the one I'm talking about. You see, last year, Chris, our friend Elissa and I took a road trip to watch Chris' friend Jake play in a soccer game in Virginia. On the way home, this song was playing and since everyone else was sleeping I paid close attention to the words (and the road, don't worry guys). Though it doesn't exactly describe our situation here in Belgium, it was right around the time I was realizing what leaving meant. And I didn't want to. So I cried all the way through the song. And the next time it came on again, (we had the cd on loop initially to annoy the boys but when everyone fell asleep it continued to play over and over as I drove along, and I didn't turn it off), I found myself losing it, quietly, all over again. I vowed it was the last time I'd let myself drown in pity listening to this song thinking about how far away we'd be from everyone soon. So I found other songs. But I did keep my promise.

When I heard it today, it had a different effect on me. I didn't run along the pathway crying my eyes out. Instead, I realized how it's been a whole year since the last time I'd heard it. A year! And about 11 months from now I'll probably be packing us up here in Belgium to head back to the U.S. for good! Suddenly I felt like I really could superman my way through the next 11 months until our return. So take that, you nasty gray skies. No matter how much you drown out the sun and no matter how slowly I get back from this injury, time is going to keep on moving and bringing me closer to home everyday. Boo. Yah.


  1. Supergirl ( is Superman's cousin and shares his abilities and weakness to Kryptonite. But she's less well known and also less badass than Wonder Woman :P


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