Friday, January 11, 2013

Last recap of 2012 (but no promises)

Happy New Years recap! In 6 hours Chris and I will be on a train headed for the airport and there we will spend the night a la Antwerp waiting to board our very early flight to Rome. Woo Hoo! Lets say for that reason I slept in til 2:30 here. 12 hours after I went to bed. Whoops.

Anway, recap time. This was the first New Years that we attempted to party hop. We've been the hosts/organizers the last few years when I lived with my girlfriends and when it was our first married New Years in our apartment last year. This time we had too many options of places to go and really good friends to see so we didn't attempt to choose, we tried to make time for all of them instead. Time-wise it was a success. But heart-string-wise, not so much. Mine were tugged on every time we had to get going to the next place. My friend Madison, upon finding out that the party she was at was our first stop of the night, said "That means we're the lamest one!" Actually, the truth was far from that. I could've stayed there through midnight and beyond for sure! The "Lumberjack" themed party she was at was filled with my oldest friends and wonderful food and I knew dancing was to come, (my favorite, and the Sortores (hosts) have great taste in music, and dancing), they were the first stop simply because that party started before everyone elses. And when you've committed to two others, when the time comes, you have to go. UGH. Hard. Here's the video for their themed shindig. Hilarious:

Next up was my college roommates bash about a mile away. We knew their eventual plan was to head to a bar for drinks and then a different locale for the rest of the party that night so we had to time it right and get there before they all departed for the fancy-shmancyness that is Trata (which my Dad's Architecture firm designed by the way. Shameless plug for their facebook too). We made it there with about a half hour to spare and the lovely Hannah sneakily changed that into over an hour so that we could hang out longer with everyone. Yay! We ate some more food and danced! And then when they did leave for Trata, we left for the third and final party of the night.

The last one was hosted by more good friends, Billy who Chris has known for almost his whole life and Nicholle! It was really nice to end the night still fancy but eating some good dip, sitting on the floor next to the couch (okay and next to the food), with sparkling grape juice provided by wonderful people and watching the ball drop. The picture at the top is from this last location and that panoramic view shot was hilariously done with help from the bookends of Dan and I. Dan and Kelli (foreground of last photo) were our partners in party hopping this evening since no matter where we've gone or who we've celebrated with, they've been right there with us every New Years since I started celebrating out instead of on Main Street in Canandaigua.

I still miss celebrating with my family so I always make sure to spend the day either on the 31st or the 1st with them and of course a call or text at midnight depending on getting through. I guess I'm still a home-body nerd at heart.

And saying that, I'm going to finally unpack from our U.S. trip and repack teeny tiny bags for Rome. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Kel! Sorry you guys missed the party "events". I'm sure you and Chris are champion wood choppers. Next time you're back in NY we'll have to find out....or when Kyle and I come to visit you (here's hoping!)

    P.S. OMGSH Rome looks out of this world beautiful. Love your pictures!


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