Friday, January 18, 2013

Plane Pictures

Ready for another airport near-disaster we had in that same Rome trip? 


We woke up in Rome around 8am and got out the door and on our way for another few hours of exploring. Our flight was leaving at 3pm so we had the whole morning for adventures. We walked through the Colosseum and up to the river and then meandered slowly back towards the train station where we hoped to find passage back to the airport. We had no pre-booked tickets to get back. There was a shuttle into town that we'd bought online, but no return trip. But there was plenty of time. We weren't concerned.

After a few minutes of walking confusedly around the completely Italian-language filled station we finally bought some last minute tickets to the town where the airport was located. We hopped on a train, hoping to find a way of getting to the airport from the station there in town. 

Thankfully, upon arrival in Ciampino, we saw a bus pulling up to that said "Airport Shuttle" across it's face. We ran to it, jumped on and away it took us to the arrivals section. 

At our check-in counter we waited a few minutes behind two sets of other travelers feeling smug with our slowly perfecting travel skills. After she'd checked our passports and visas and handed them and our tickets back the airport employee looked at us and said,

"Make sure you go straight to the gate. Your flight is already boarding." 

We looked at each other and back at her. She was already helping the next customers. I thought in my head, no, she must be wrong. We've got two hours...right? Quickly re-checking our tickets (which we hadn't done all day) I saw this line,

Departure: 13:05

It was 12:50. We had 15 minutes. 

The only other time I've ever sprinted through an airport was in Atlanta with my Dad and Sean coming from Ecuador, attempting to catch a flight to San Francisco to meet Erin on time for my cousin David's wedding. We missed that flight. But we caught another a half hour later and all was well. This would not have been the case here. Flights are few and far between and we would've had to wait two days...!

Needless to say, we made it. Heart pounding and thanking God again for getting us through our trip, we by passed the take-out in-airport restaurant we were planning on spending at least an hour in and ran to our gates. We made it by ten minutes and boarded the plane with maybe ten people behind us in line.


That plane flew right over us after flying next to us for close to five minutes. It was a little unsettling how close it came in towards us. At least for me and probably other Breaking Bad fans...amIright?

Oh, beautiful snow! You make even gray days enchanting. See that castle in the second winter photo down? And did you notice the flock of sheep in the second one down from the top? And later on, are those the Alps? Anyone? It's crazy what we saw in an hour and a half flight. I love flying with a window seat. Flying into Brussels two weeks ago at 6am gave us great views of the UK in early morning darkness. I love seeing cities all lit up from high in the air.

Okay, Berlin. We're coming for you (in less than 5 hours!) and all your freezing glory! Have wonderful weekends, everyone!


  1. I got owned by military time on a flight from Boston to London. The flight was at 20:00 which I smugly converted to 10:00. I just about vomited when we were checking in at 8:00 and the screen said the flight had already left. Fortunately they were able to put us on the next flight at 11:30. Airport panic is the worst.

    1. That sounds terrible! And thank God they had another flight so soon for you! We're so neurotic about the time now. I asked Chris what time it was so much our last day in Berlin that I'm surprised his wrist doesn't have frostbite!

  2. Kind of drooling at these pictures. . just fyi


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