Monday, January 7, 2013

Tree Hunt (Throw-back Monday?)

2013 has been pretty good so far. But the week and a half we spent closing out 2012 was better than I could have hoped for. Wow do I miss being home already. Landing in Brussels brought on something I'm dubbing instahomesickness. And since I actually am physically sick now, maybe it's a real thing, it's possible. But before I go ahead and bum you all out for three paragraphs or more, instead I'm going to catch you up a bit on our last two weeks. 

I was planning on posting once or twice while I was home and then it just never happened. I didn't even use this computer during the entirety of our stay. It was awesome. What was not so awesome is that I also rarely brought out my camera. The good one, at least. The crummy .3 megapixel iPod camera was toted around with me daily so there's those...get ready for some sub par photography this week, friends. I apologize. 

To begin: 

The morning after we "landed" (I'll get to those quotes a little later on) in Rochester, my family and I headed out to get the Christmas tree. Yes, they waited for me. All the way until December 23. It would have been my first time missing out ever on the trek through what is usually snow and medium to high winds to find the perfect one and I was trying to come to grips with it when I got the call from my mom that they were waiting for us. YAY!

We walked all the way around the tree farm in search of the 10 foot beauty certain to be destined to grace our living room and front windows. In the end, it was probably a quarter mile from the car that we found it, but we got our exercise in for that day, I'd say it was a win win.

Back to that "landed" for a second and then I'll let you go for today. You see, our initial flight out of Belgium was completely uneventful. Until the last 30 minutes. I'd had 7 full hours of movies one after the other when then the captain or flight attendant or some other important flying person comes on the speakers (and also directly into my ear, at above volume-set levels) and lets us all know that we're heading into some turbulence and would we all quickly get to our seats and fasten those seatbelts? Well, yeah I'm going to definitely do that especially when you sound as frantic as you do, sir. I've never felt sick on a plane like I did immediately following those words and for the remainder of the flight as 40mph+ winds knocked us around until we landed safely in Newark. And that was the last time we landed for the rest of the trip home. 

I promptly asked Chris if we could drive the rest of the way and he responded unexpectedly with a simple yes and no arguing either way. It seems he realized how close to passing out or tossing my cookies I was getting and wasn't looking forward to the next two flights of enduring the possibility of a repeat (or worse) either! 

6 hours in a rental car later, we were in Rochester. Big huge smiley face here for that one :)

See you tomorrow!

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