Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vatican Visit (and a little St Peter)

We arrived in Rome two hours earlier than we'd expected so we tossed out all previous plans, found the metro and made our way to Vatican City. We'd hoped to visit the Sistine Chapel after our 2pm check-in with Nicola and Liana (wonderful b&b, check them out if you need a place to stay in Rome) but the extra two hours seemed like the perfect window to head over in daylight.

Despite what may look like a crowd in the photo above, we got in the doors and through tickets in about five minutes. We'd read that the average wait time could be anywhere from one to two hours and were pleasantly surprised with the timing. God really had a hand in all of our Rome travels (as I'll describe in anxious detail later this week), from the potential disaster at the airport to arriving at the Vatican early and seeing it would be closed at 12:30 that day (not on the website) to our final airport (again, to come) almost disaster and everything in between. He really saw us through. Time and again things slid into place at the last moment and we found ourselves loving Rome more than any city we've been to thus far.

Paris, I still love you, I just think I might need to spend some time alone with Rome now.

 Are there any Elementary fans out there...? Recognize this guy from the vault episode?

Disappointingly, you cannot take any photos in the Sistine Chapel. It is a sacred place but, still. The ridiculous photo above is what we looked like for at least 15 minutes while we took it all in, standing in the middle of the room. Ow, neck. But oh, beautiful. This whole trip I kept thinking "Beauty!" a la Room with a View. Love that movie and love Helena before she went all Time Burton on us (still kinda love her now).

We stepped out into the courtyard (I'm sure it has some official name) and lo and behold, St Peter's! So we headed there next.

Bellissima. Everywhere.

Sitting on one of our train rides home, I asked Chris what his favorite part was. He replied with "the walk to our b&b." Let me explain. We were making our way from Piazza Navona to the place we stayed and along the way we found ourselves walking past the Capital, the oldest part of Rome with all the ruins, and the Colosseum. They were all just, there. And the Pantheon was another one we hadn't remembered to put on our whirlwind itinerary but we literally came upon it while going from the Trevi fountain to Piazza Navona (granted, that time we got a little lost). Crazy pants.

More to come tomorrow. Naptime for now.

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